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Middle School Placement

Trinity students

After completing Grade 5, Trinity School students are highly competitive candidates for the area's top middle schools.

Year after year Trinity School hears from receiving schools, as well as former students and parents, that our School:

  • prepares students for middle school academics with strong skills and work ethics
  • forms students who know how to work in groups and individually
  • creates confident students who know how to ask questions and get help when needed
  • produces students who are kind to peers and who help bring peers together

With one Grade 5 class each year, Trinity School is able to team closely with each family to identify and apply to middle schools that would be the best fit for their child. This process supports students for a successful transition to and integration into middle school and beyond.

The productive middle school placement of each Grade 5 student is one of Trinity School's top priorities.

Middle School Placements Statistics for 2013 - 2015: