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Middle School Placement

Trinity students

After completing Grade 5, Trinity School students are highly competitive candidates for the area's top middle schools.

As reluctant as we are to say goodbye to our "family" of graduating students, we are very proud as they embark on their new and exciting middle school experience. We feel fortunate that our students have such reputable middle schools to choose from in our surrounding area, however, making the decision as to which one can still be a daunting task.

Mary's Graduation Homily for the 2011-12 Graduating Class

Given our small Trinity School community, we intimately know each and every student and their families. So, to ensure the best fit and success for each student, we work closely with our students and families to guide them through the process of identifying, applying and choosing the right middle school.

Successful middle school placement of our students is one of Trinity School's top priorities.

Middle School Placements for Classes 2006 - 2012

School# of Students Attending
Woodside Priory School 34
Menlo School 22
Castilleja School 11
Crystal Springs Uplands School 8
Keys School 4
The Girls' Middle School 2
Woodland School 2
Other 32