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At Trinity, our success as a school depends on our employees' work and commitment. This is why we strive to attract, develop, and retain talented faculty and staff who can deliver the highest quality service to our students and the wider Trinity community. We strive to create an inclusive work environment that supports a diverse and talented workforce, reflecting our integrity, inclusion, and kindness values.

Trinity School seeks to employ the best-qualified individuals from available applicants and to provide them with opportunities for advancement in a manner that does not discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, genetic information, or any other status protected under local, state or federal equal employment opportunity laws or regulations.

Please see the current employment opportunities if you want to join our faculty and staff.

List of 41 members.

  • Photo of Ralph Ackermann

    Ralph Ackermann 

    Science and Garden Teacher
  • Photo of Amber Alkofer

    Amber Alkofer 

    Early Childhood Teacher
  • Photo of Matt Allio

    Matt Allio 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Anna Bykov

    Anna Bykov 

    Accounting Manager
  • Photo of Brenda Cano Alvarez

    Brenda Cano Alvarez 

    Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Xianjing Cao

    Xianjing Cao 

    Early Childhood Teacher
  • Photo of Michelle Flach

    Michelle Flach 

    Office Manager
  • Photo of Bim Cleland

    Bim Cleland 

    PE Teacher and Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Amy Della Maggiora

    Amy Della Maggiora 

    Grade 5 Teacher
  • Photo of Rhonda Gamblin

    Rhonda Gamblin 

    Head of Early Childhood Campus
  • Photo of Beneralda  Garcia-Flores

    Beneralda  Garcia-Flores 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Ivy Gates

    Ivy Gates 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Heidi Gonzalez

    Heidi Gonzalez 

    Early Childhood Teacher
  • Photo of Michelle Hinshaw

    Michelle Hinshaw 

    Grade 3 Teacher
  • Photo of Denise Jison

    Denise Jison 

    Grade 2 Teacher
  • Photo of Yonas Kameda

    Yonas Kameda 

    Music Teacher
  • Photo of Sue Krishna

    Sue Krishna 

    Assistant Head of School
  • Photo of Heather Maxwell

    Heather Maxwell 

  • Photo of Alison McKee

    Alison McKee 

    Director of Development and Communications
  • Photo of Colette McWilliams

    Colette McWilliams 

    Head of Elementary Campus
  • Photo of Alexa  Menendez

    Alexa  Menendez 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of David Mutunga

    David Mutunga 

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Photo of Jenny Nakagawa

    Jenny Nakagawa 

    Early Childhood Teacher
  • Photo of Krystin Neuenfeldt

    Krystin Neuenfeldt 

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Lesle Olmos Vera

    Lesle Olmos Vera 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Kristine Petermeier

    Kristine Petermeier 

    Art Teacher
  • Photo of Anna Quijano

    Anna Quijano 

    Director of Enrollment Management and Matriculation
  • Photo of Lady Reyes

    Lady Reyes 

    Early Childhood Teacher
  • Photo of Stephanie  Rubio

    Stephanie  Rubio 

    Early Childhood Teacher
  • Photo of Alexis Rudio

    Alexis Rudio  

    Early Childhood Teacher
  • Photo of Linda Rutherford

    Linda Rutherford 

    Grade 1 Teacher
  • Photo of Cody Schaffner

    Cody Schaffner 

    Admissions, Development and EC Associate
  • Photo of Rebecca Schoenstein

    Rebecca Schoenstein 

    Early Childhood Teacher
  • Photo of Jill Smithey

    Jill Smithey 

    Learning Support Coordinator
  • Photo of Ali Steele

    Ali Steele 

    Grade 4 Teacher
  • Photo of Wenta Tesfaye

    Wenta Tesfaye 

    Early Childhood Teacher
  • Photo of Kim Thacker

    Kim Thacker 

    Religious Studies Teacher
  • Photo of Pal Thinnappan

    Pal Thinnappan 

    Director of Information Technology
  • Photo of Caitlin Velazquez

    Caitlin Velazquez 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Alex Williams

    Alex Williams 

    Design Thinking Teacher
  • Photo of Olivia Wu Tait

    Olivia Wu Tait 

    Teaching Assistant