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  • Science and Garden

    Our curriculum invites students to make meaningful connections to the world around them. Children's natural curiosity meets the wonders of scientific discovery.

    Through hands-on activities, scientific concepts come alive in gardening, physiology and anatomy, matter and energy, oceanography, geology, the solar system, and earth science.
  • Music

    Music is a uniquely human experience that gives students structured self-expression and social interaction opportunities.

    Children sing folk songs to learn music skills and basic music theory. We layer these songs with dance, games, and simple musical instruments to bring confident joy to each child's voice. These voices create the beautiful sound of children singing in daily Chapel and community events.
  • Service Learning

    Service Learning is at the heart of Trinity School. Students select general challenges about which they are passionate and brainstorm ways to help.

    Who are you? How do you see me? How are we the same? How are we different? What can we learn from each other? How can we work together to protect the earth and make living conditions better? These questions drive service learning at Trinity School.
  • Design Thinking

    In Design Thinking, students can apply academic and social-emotional work from home classrooms while expressing themselves through different projects and assignments.

    Students are encouraged to form a plan from their inspiration and work through their design with a focus on the materials they will use. Coding lessons also promote planning and revision to achieve a successful result.
  • Physical Education

    We focus on the core concepts of motor and movement skills, the introduction of cooperative behavior, shared goals, and exploring health topics such as nutrition and hygiene.

    PE is fun! You see it in the games and activities we play that invite teamwork and sportsmanship. Comfortable competition sparks intrinsic motivation in a supportive environment.
  • Religious Studies

    In Religious Studies, students can explore their own and others' spiritual and ethical traditions.

    Religious Studies is a time for students to develop curiosity, ask questions, and honestly explore and discuss their opinions and experiences about spirituality, God, values, and how we treat each other.
  • Spanish

    Our Spanish program aims to inspire a love of language and a deep connection to Spanish-speaking cultures.

    Hands-on activities using art, cooking, music, technology, dialog, reading, research, and writing motivate students. Students learn through academically appropriate methods in second language acquisition from grade to grade. The goal of Spanish language instruction is exposure to this California heritage language and the many cultures that speak it.
  • Art

    Children are innately creative, and through the study of Art, our students learn how to use different materials and mediums to express themselves and appreciate the work of others.

    Students learn Art's main elements, including lines, shapes, textures, forms, spaces, colors, and values. Then, they explore different drawing and painting techniques, clay molding, collage, and printmaking to express their ideas and bring out their creativity. Students' creative practice increases their confidence and skills as they transition from grade to grade.
  • Library

    We want every child to love books and to find, evaluate, and use information in their projects and individual pursuits. Therefore, our library generates special collections relevant to grade-level curricula for each classroom.

    Our program includes reading literature from all genres, highlighting many authors and illustrators; showcasing books related to classroom curriculum, special projects, and significant Bay Area cultural events; practicing information search strategies, and helping students and their families find new and exciting books to read recreationally.