Annual Report 2021-2022
Leadership and Volunteers

Letter from the Board Chair

A Letter from Trinity School's Board Chair, Michelle Swenson

Thank you, Trinity School Community, for everything we collectively accomplished during the 2021-22 school year.
Although Covid protocols were still with us, the year, hopefully, felt more delightfully normal to all of us. Matt, Faculty and Staff, and Board drafted the new Strategic Plan in June. This will become available in September, and we hope you will be as pleased with the result as we are. In addition, work in support of the California Association of Independent Schools accreditation process has begun and will be completed in early 2023. 
Once again, we exceeded our fundraising goal, raising over $1 million thanks to the generosity of parents, grandparents, alums, administration, faculty, and others who so generously supported the school. As a result of our strong fundraising and sound fiscal management, Trinity remains financially stable and vibrant. Trinity School could only offer exemplary education and retain our fantastic faculty with this critical fundraising support. 

Under the strong leadership of Matt and his team, Trinity continues to innovate and make our programs stronger, always within the spirit of Trinity School’s mission. We are fortunate to have talented and dedicated administrators and teachers working with us. I would also thank the other Trinity Trustees, who volunteer significant time to the school and care deeply about its future. I hope everyone has had a great summer, and I look forward to a successful 2022-2023 school year.