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  • Trinity School is

    the right size to give each child a voice

  • Trinity School cultivates

    curious minds and discerning hearts

  • Think. Believe. Act.

    comes from deep learning

  • Trinity School embraces

    the dignity of every family

  • Trinity School values

    the traditions of the Episcopal Church and honors all faiths

Welcome to Trinity School

The legacy of a Trinity education is a curious mind and a discerning heart.

Trinity School is Menlo Park’s Episcopal School. A co-educational independent day school, we encourage preschool and elementary children from all backgrounds to love learning. Trinity School fosters rigorous academics grounded in child-centered content. We honor the family’s role in educating children.

Amie Wellings, Grade 3 Teacher

Amie Wellings, Grade 3 Teacher

Each child brings a special blend of interests, needs, abilities, life experiences, and cultural background into the classroom. I believe children build deeper understanding when they are allowed to follow their own interests, and construct their own meaning. A lifelong love of learning is formed by a desire to explore and understand the world around you. Exploration and constructivist teaching have become largely incorporated into my teaching philosophy, and I aim to create a classroom full of students who are learning by doing.

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Jul 18 2016

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Jul 18 2016