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  • Trinity School is

    the right size to give each child a voice

  • Trinity School cultivates

    curious minds and discerning hearts

  • Think. Believe. Act.

    comes from deep learning

  • Trinity School embraces

    the dignity of every family

  • Trinity School values

    the traditions of the Episcopal Church and honors all faiths

Welcome to Trinity School

The legacy of a Trinity education is a curious mind and a discerning heart.

Trinity School is Menlo Park’s Episcopal School. A co-educational independent day school, we encourage preschool and elementary children from all backgrounds to love learning. Trinity School fosters rigorous academics grounded in child-centered content. We honor the family’s role in educating children.

Dina Glendening, Music Specialist

Dina Glendening, Music Specialist

I am very passionate about evolving the way music is taught. Every individual has a creative and unique musical spirit. When music is introduced through exploration and discovery, a natural curiosity is allowed to flourish. This curiosity then feeds our motivation to hone and master melodic and rhythmic elements of music through ‘play.’ In the group setting, students are encouraged to improvise with musical patterns throughout the learning process, offering each other a collaborative and supportive group dynamic in which to grow. My goal as a teacher is to foster the natural musical and artistic spirit in each student, offering a foundation of fundamentals that can be expanded in their own chosen way.

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Exposing Child Labor

Third Grade Trinity School Students

Reveal the Harsh Realities of Child Labor

For their Spring service learning project, Grade 3 students at Trinity School created a walk-through exhibit sharing real-life stories of children forced into factories, fields, and mines to exploit child labor.

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Gyotaku "fish rubbing"

Kindergarteners at Trinity School learned firsthand the traditional method of Japanese fish printing, dating from the mid 1800's.


Hesitation and excitement grew as Mrs. Zeren, the Trinity School Librarian, helped the students don their rubber gloves to apply paint to the real fish and shrimp. A couple comments heard:

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Mar 31 2015

AERIE: Round Table discussion

Mar 31 2015
Apr 1 2015

Grade 3 field trip to Baylands

Apr 1 2015