Beyond Trinity

We Believe the Path for Each Student is Different

With Trinity education, students excel and are prepared for whatever comes next. Private or public, Trinity students lead their schools in engagement, academics, and social impact. In addition, Trinity students learn to use their strengths, opening possibilities for the next steps in each student's education.

Ensuring Your Student's Preparedness for the Next Phase of Their Education

We are here to support you in your process of finding the right fit. We will be your sounding board as we recommend schools aligned with your family's values, take advantage of your child's strengths and goals, and inform you of your choices.

The Productive Placement of Each Student is One of Trinity School's Top Priorities

Whether you go public or private, big or small, co-ed or all-girls, a Trinity student is sure to be prepared for whatever comes their way. Year after year, Trinity School hears from receiving schools, as well as former students and parents, that our kids have solid skills and work ethic, succeed in both groups and individual learning, are confident students who know how to ask questions and get help when needed and are kind to peers and who help bring students together.

Matriculation Team

Matt Allio, Head of School

Anna Quijano, Director of Enrollment Management and Matriculation

Christine Southgate, Next Step School Selection

"[Christine] really helped us with the thought and intention to focus and know where your heart is; it's a lot of emotional work." - Arzu O., Parent of Alum

 "Solve for where your child is right now, today, as a fifth grader. Do not plan for who they are going to be in HS, because you just don't know."  - Jennifer B., Parent of Alumna

"[Students] value what they found here and are comfortable with their new experiences. Trinity knows your kid." - Jed C., Parent of Alum

"Trinity students are very sweet and kind. You are reminded very quickly of the way the school helps you raise children with those values and attributes - these kids are not as nice as Trinity kids." - Kaitlyn D., Parent of Alumna