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  • Back to School BBQ

    The Back-to-School BBQ is an exciting event that marks the beginning of the school year with a lot of fun! It allows parents to connect and get to know families from various grades and campuses. Students eagerly anticipate seeing their teachers on a Saturday, and even alum students come back to contribute to the enjoyable atmosphere. The event is organized by the Trinity Parent Association (TPA) and includes games, dinner, and a themed setting where dressing up is highly encouraged. It’s a fantastic occasion for everyone to come together, socialize, and celebrate the start of the new academic year.
  • Blessing of the Animals

    In commemorating St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and ecology, we gather to honor and bless all creatures, regardless of their size. We warmly invite you to bring your beloved and well-behaved pet (whether alive or stuffed) or a photograph of an animal that must remain home. For the safety and comfort of all attendees, we kindly request that animal friends be appropriately leashed or caged.

    Join us in the courtyard Chapel service, where we will bless your pets. This special occasion allows us to acknowledge the significance of animals in our lives. Following the service, students will proceed to their classes, live animals will return home, and stuffed animals will find a temporary place in backpacks or cubbies until the end of the day.
  • Halloween Parade

    Our talented students showcase their creativity and spirit in an array of delightful costumes. The festivities will surely be a treat for all, with lively music filling the air and an atmosphere of joyous camaraderie as everyone comes together to celebrate this spooktacular occasion.
    Our Halloween Parade promises an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, fun socializing, and the magic of the season. 
  • Book Fair

    Get ready to restock your shelves, complete your holiday shopping, and support a good cause, all without leaving campus! The annual book fair, in collaboration with Hicklebee’s Books in San Jose and Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park, is here to bring the bookstore experience to us!

    During the book fair, students can create wishlists, teachers have the opportunity to enhance their classroom libraries, and families can contribute by donating books to neighboring schools in Menlo Park. Our dedicated Librarian and her team of enthusiastic parent volunteers work tirelessly to create a magical book fair experience that shouldn’t be missed. It’s an event that combines the joy of reading with supporting our community and promoting education.
  • Grandparents and Special Friends Day

    This is a heartwarming celebration of cherished bonds on our “Grandparents and Special Friends Day.” Regardless of the miles that may separate us, this event emphasizes the beautiful growth journey we embark on together. Together, we’ll delight in delightful brunch, explore the various grades through an engaging tour, and share meaningful moments during a heartfelt chapel event.
  • Christmas Craft Fair

    The Elementary School and Early Childhood Campuses Christmas Craft Fairs are about giving. The TPA converts Lehman and Trinity Halls into Santa’s Workshop with parent-managed craft stations. Students create handmade gifts for the special people in their lives and make cards or small gifts for a service-learning project.
  • Annual Benefit

    The Trinity Parent Association takes great pride in organizing and staffing the Spring Gala. This highly anticipated event is a delightful blend of fun-raising and fundraising for our school community. With each passing year, the gala adopts a unique theme, offering an unforgettable evening of dining, engaging activities, and opportunities to support our school.

    Guests can look forward to a night filled with delectable dinners, an online silent auction, and a lively live auction. The Spring Gala provides a beautiful platform to celebrate and contribute to the success of our school while enjoying a memorable and enchanting evening.
  • Celebration of Learning

    During the Celebration of Learning, students are given a valuable platform to proudly present their identities as learners. This exceptional occasion unites the Trinity community, providing an authentic audience that offers sincere appreciation and constructive feedback in real time. It is truly awe-inspiring to witness students confidently express their thoughts and showcase their projects, highlighting the incredible power of their voices, which lies at the core of a transformative Trinity education. The event’s agenda encompasses a captivating display of student achievements in Science, Music, Arts, Spanish, and Service Learning and a stunning musical performance featuring students from all grade levels.
  • Fun Day

    Elementary and Early Childhood Campuses’ Fun Day means school’s almost out for the summer! The fun begins with a tasty, kid-friendly lunch. This event values teamwork above all else. All activities are outdoors, so ensure your child wears sunscreen and clothes that can get wet!
  • Moving Up Ceremony

    It's an eagerly anticipated event where each student moves up from one grade to the next, marking a significant milestone in their educational journey.

    The atmosphere is charged with excitement and pride as we acknowledge our students' hard work, dedication, and growth throughout the year. From the youngest learners stepping into new challenges to the graduating seniors ready to embark on their next adventures, this closing service symbolizes accomplishment and new beginnings.

Elementary Campus Events

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  • Big Help

    This is when the close-knit Trinity families from both the Early Childhood Campus and Elementary Campus come together to impact our greater community positively. Throughout the day, we have a series of fulfilling activities planned both on-campus and off-campus, all geared toward helping those in need. It's an excellent opportunity for parents, children, and educators to collaborate in spreading kindness and compassion.

    As we work, we'll build stronger connections within our Trinity community and foster a sense of unity beyond the school walls. To further enhance our bonding experience, a delightful group lunch will be provided on campus, allowing us to share stories and laughter over a delicious meal.
  • Penny Panic

    This annual fundraiser is the key to supporting our impactful service-learning projects throughout the year. Here's how it works: students take the initiative to earn their own money for Penny Panic by engaging in various activities like helping with household chores, setting up delightful lemonade stands, and much more.

    By participating in Penny Panic, students contribute to our fundraising efforts and develop a strong sense of responsibility and empowerment as they take charge of their contributions.

    In the past, the earnings from Penny Panic have enabled us to undertake vital service-learning projects with a global impact. From raising awareness about the Syrian refugee crisis to highlighting the significance of clean drinking water and preserving endangered animals, our students have shown remarkable dedication to making a difference in the world.
  • Read Across America/Pajama Day

    Read Across America/Pajama Day on the Elementary Campus is a joyous celebration of the magic of reading! All students participate by bringing in their beloved books from home. It’s a fantastic chance to share the wonders of literature with classmates and ignite their imaginations through storytelling. To make the day cozier and inspire the ultimate reading ambiance, we encourage students to come to school dressed in pajamas, sweats, or comfy outfits.
  • Opera a la Carte

    In an exciting collaboration with the San Francisco Opera, our Grade 5 students dedicate weeks of practice to prepare for an extraordinary all-school performance. While students learn and rehearse songs in their Music class, the visiting opera stars provide invaluable support, particularly when tackling the challenging high notes. Their expertise and talent truly shine, and we applaud their exceptional contributions to the performance. Bravo!
  • Halloween Parade

    Our talented students showcase their creativity and spirit in an array of delightful costumes. The festivities will surely be a treat for all, with lively music filling the air and an atmosphere of joyous camaraderie as everyone comes together to celebrate this spooktacular occasion.
    Our Halloween Parade promises an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, fun socializing, and the magic of the season. 
  • Christmas Pageant

    The pageant service is where the timeless tale of Jesus and his family comes to life! Led by the talented Grade 5 students, this enchanting performance showcases a captivating blend of acting, singing, and storytelling.

    This pageant service is a collaborative effort that involves every grade and child on the Elementary Campus. Each one plays a vital role, harmonizing beautifully as a chorus of shepherds and angels, adding to the magic of the narrative. What's more, on special occasions, a Trinity family's baby takes center stage as the show's shining star!

    As the story unfolds through the heartfelt efforts of our students, we invite you to join us in this mesmerizing journey, witnessing the message of love, hope, and unity portrayed with genuine enthusiasm and dedication. 

Early Childhood Campus Events

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  • Thanksgiving Family Feast

    This heartwarming pre-Thanksgiving celebration embodies the true spirit of gratitude and togetherness. Everyone is invited to bring a dish that holds a special place in their hearts during the holiday season, ensuring no one leaves hungry. From cherished family recipes to traditional favorites, our tables will be filled with love and abundance.

    This gathering offers a beautiful opportunity to share treasured traditions and extend well wishes to our beloved community before Thanksgiving. As we savor the delicious food and embrace the company of friends and neighbors, we'll create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds that make our community truly special.