Art at Trinity

Dear Trinity Families,
If you are ever on the Trinity Campus when there is an Art Class in session, you are in for a real treat!
Trinity's Art Studio is one of the most beloved and creative spots on campus. This studio is always buzzing with artistic activity - where students' imaginations and creativity are limitless. It is also one of the most beautiful spots on campus. The studio is basked in light throughout the day and offers our students extraordinary views of nature outside every window. Aesthetics in all forms are meaningful at Trinity.
Trinity students are very fortunate to work with Trinity's expert and passionate Art Instructor, Kristine Petermeier, who has been with the school for over 20 years. Kristine continuously strives to build relationships that create an artist within each child. She is diligent in providing experiences to enhance classroom learning. With each lesson, a more confident student emerges who can utilize a wide range of materials, has a greater understanding of art mediums/modalities, and becomes more expressive in their thoughts and ideas through artistic expression. 
Trinity is a school that specializes in individualized projects. We steer away from prescriptive and invariable-type projects. Individuality is at the heart of everything we do, especially in the Art Studio. Student interest creates the pathway to propel the program in a way that speaks to the artist within each child. Couple that with Ms. Petermeier's experience, and you have an educational outlet that can be used throughout your child's lifetime. 

Our Art program is built upon the foundation of Teaching for Artistic Behaviors (TAB), whose guiding principles are:

What do Artists Do?
The Child is the Artist
The Classroom is the Child's Studio

We also incorporate Eight Studio Habits of the Mind - developed by Lois Hetland, which are used to answer the, "How do artists think?" These eight habits are utilized by creative people of all ages and disciplines to enhance the development of thought processes among artists.

Eight Studio Habits of the Mind
Develop Craft (Technique & Studio Practice)
Observe (Look Closely)
Engage & Persist (Finding Passion & Sticking with it)
Reflect (Question, Explain, & Evaluate)
Envision (Imagining & Planning)
Stretch & Explore (Play, Use Mistakes, & Discover)
Express (Finding & Showing Meaning)
Understand Art Worlds (Domain & Communities)

Our small class sizes at Trinity allow Ms. Petermeier to build relationships with students on the Elementary Campus and watch them blossom as their artistic capabilities unfold. She knows each child as an individual and is very knowledgeable about their affinities, inclinations, and where they need to be stretched! In addition, exposure to materials typically reserved for older students gives them a more comprehensive range of possibilities to express themselves. Students use various ceramic clay, wire, plaster, recycled materials, pens/pencils and pastels, natural materials, and different paint mediums. These processes and materials also allow our students to find the materials/mediums that resonate with them rather than being limited to what they would otherwise be allowed to use. 
Traditionally, Art is seen as a solo endeavor. However, at Trinity, we encourage Art to be explored to its fullest potential, often done as a partnership. This is a meeting of the minds as students are encouraged to work together to create pieces involving collaboration, compromise, and sharing ideas to compose a more extensive group project. Skills being learned from Art last a lifetime.
We believe that the actual product of art education is not the works of Art but the child. Our goal is to create students who think like artists and utilize their artistic minds. If you haven't had a chance to visit our Art Studio, please stop by. In this magical space, you'll be able to see the aesthetically pleasing environment, visualize creative possibilities, imagine artistic options, and ponder the originality we see in our young artists at Trinity each day!
Colette McWilliams
Director of Elementary Campus