Trinity School Celebrates Annual Back to School BBQ with a Twist of History

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Sand Hill Road was excitedly buzzing on Saturday, September 9, as the Trinity School community gathered for its much-anticipated annual Back to School BBQ.
Students, staff, parents, and alums gathered on the picturesque campus, rejoicing in traditions while making memories for the future.

Amidst the tantalizing aroma of grilled tacos and the merry laughter of children playing, the event was more than just a day of fun and festivities. It marked an opportunity for the Trinity family to reconnect after a summer apart, to share stories, and to look forward to the academic year ahead.

One of the day's highlights was the Time Capsule Ceremony dedicated to the Class of 2020. Given the significance of that year, globally and for the school, it was only fitting to commemorate it in a manner that transcended time. Alums and the school collaborated to select memorable items from 2020, each representing a unique facet of that unprecedented year. From pandemic-related artifacts to pop culture references, personal anecdotes, and school memorabilia, the capsule was filled with reminders of resilience, change, and unity.

Sealed with care and reverence, the capsule will lie dormant for two decades, awaiting its grand opening in 2040. This gesture serves as a testament to the hope that future Trinity students and staff while reflecting on the past, will also be inspired by the lessons and memories sealed within.

By the end of the day, as the sun began to set and families began to depart, the sentiments echoed unanimously - it's good to be back. The hope is that when the Time Capsule is opened in 2040, it will serve as a poignant reminder of a community that celebrates togetherness even during challenging times.