Where parents become friends.

You and your family prioritize education and are committed to fostering an environment that nurtures your child's intellectual growth. You are in search of a close-knit community that encourages your child to become a well-rounded learner, embracing different perspectives, individuals, and cultures with open-mindedness and active involvement. Trinity School offers the ideal setting where you can connect with like-minded parents who share your aspirations. Among them, you may discover individuals with whom you can build deep and lasting friendships.
2023-2024 Trinity Parent Association

Paul Buttery, Secretary
Alison Ding, Treasurer
Kaitlyn DePristo, Teacher Appreciation
Venice Garperio, Gifting Committee Co-Chair (Gala)
Maria Kalinina, President
Alice Li, Gifting Committee Co-Chair (Annual Fund)
Vy Mathur, Gifting Committee Co-Chair (Gala)
Ao Peng, Admission Liaison
Lingjuan Peng, Early Childhood Campus Event Liaison
Lauren Ralph, Vice President and Room Parent Coordinator
Salina Sung, Prior President

Trustee Community

The Board of Trustees is dedicated to upholding the mission of the School and ensuring its integrity for the benefit of children. They actively engage in regular strategic planning and offer valuable guidance to ensure the School's financial well-being. The Trustees demonstrate remarkable dedication, investing significant time, energy, and commitment. Trinity School and its community express deep gratitude for the exceptional work and generosity of the Board of Trustees.
2023-2024 Trinity School Board

Matt Allio, Head of School
Lynne Bramlett
Joel Conkling, Secretary
Britt Eason
Tiffany Griego
Jude Harmon
Maren Jinnett
Maria Kalinina
Ivonne King
Phil Lacroute
Johanna Mahal
Margaret Perrone
Jon Poe
Dan Spors, St. Bede's Church
Michelle Swenson, Chair
Amy Voedisch

Church Community

Trinity School is located on the campuses of two Episcopal churches in Menlo Park. The Early Childhood campus, which includes the Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten Program, is situated at Trinity Church. Kindergarten through Grade 5 is housed at St. Bede's Church.

Despite their shared history of mutual commitment, it's important to note that the three institutions—Trinity School, Trinity Church, and St. Bede's Church—are separate corporations with individual nonprofit tax identification statuses. Each entity operates independently, maintaining its own legal and financial identity.